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A burglar’s worst enemies are time, noise and light. Most break-ins are crimes of opportunity and relatively unsophisticated in nature. Thieves seek the easiest opportunity or point of entry to gain


When you are away, we are home. When you are asleep, we are awake.

Where is the one place you should always feel safe? Naturally, it’s your home. It’s your home where your family spends so many hours of the day together, sharing meals, doing homework or just relaxing. How can you ensure the safety of your family at home? With City Alarm you will create a secure home security system that not only helps you have a good night’s sleep, but also ensures that you have complete peace of mind knowing that support is only seconds away.

In order to give you the best possible services we value and listen to your needs. Your home security system is tailored made according to your home, your needs, and your budget. In fact, since every system is customized, you will probably save money on things that other alarm companies ‘throw in’ even when they don’t fit your needs. At City Alarm, you will not be sold anything that you do not need. With the latest technology in our home automation systems, you will sit comfortably knowing your family, your memories and your valuables are safe. If you want to protect what you work hard to create, a good and comfortable life for your family then you need to Call City Alarm for a free in-home consultation. We don’t just send you an estimate like other security companies do, because to us you are more than just a number, you are valued .

We truly value your needs and so we provide you the best possible services. It is our duty to keep you safe and secure. No matter what you choose to install, a security system from City Alarm will bring you piece of mind

City Alarm provides:

  • Easy and fast service
  • Monitor your home 24hours, 7 days a week#
  • Professional installations we’re recognized for in the industry
  • Quality security alarm systems that are user-friendly

If you want to protect your family and valuables then call City Alarm at 204 947 2020. It’s as easy as that

Whats New

Security alarm systems are a must for any business to run successfully. Sensing this global need, at City Alarm we have offered a wide range of security services that will surely keep you worry free. Our varied range of services is well set to answer any of your security related issues in the most righteous manner.


Our Central Station Monitoring Solution is adeptly designed to answer any of your security .